Murapol News Investments of the Murapol Group awarded!

Investments of the Murapol Group awarded!

10 of our projects, located in 7 Polish cities, received awards from the portal. The prizes were awarded to projects that aroused the greatest interest of users in a given city in the third quarter of 2021.

The first places in their cities were taken by:

  • Murapol Piłsudski Apartments in Łódź,
  • Murapol Oak Terraces in Katowice,
  • Murapol New Town in Poznań,
  • Murapol Osiedle Smart in Toruń,
  • Murapol Seaside Terraces in Gdynia,
  • Murapol Parks of Krakow.

On the second step of the podium there were:

  • Murapol Nowa Spinnia in Łódź,
  • Murapol Green Tuscany from Wrocław,
  • Murapol Zielony Żurawiniec in Poznań.

The third place in Poznań was taken by our investment Murapol Malta, which means that all places on the podium in the capital of Greater Poland belong to the projects of the Murapol Group.

We are very pleased that we meet the tastes of our customers with our offer. Thank you! You can read more about our investments here.

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