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Key Benefits

The anti-smog package is primarily:

Protection against pollution
Apartments free of allergens
Protection against insets
A solution beneficial to allergy sufferers
Ensuring the inflow of fresh air
Easy filter cleaning
Intuitive operation
Filters with nanofiber membranes
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How does an anti-smog package work?

The fabric in the filter mounted in the window ventilators has properties that reduce the penetration of pollutants into the apartment. The material used in the filters is composed of densely woven fibres. This solution provides efficient protection, while maintaining air permeability into the apartment.

Inwestycje z pakietem eco
ECO package

Environmentally friendly amenities

Electric vehicle charging stations and the energy-saving LED lighting in the common areas are the latest solutions we apply in our housing estates. We also install bicycle stands, for the convenience of the residents.

Zarządzaj mediami zdalnie z systemem Smart Home
Smart home system

An apartment can be smart

Managing utilities remotely or using a manual button increases the comfort and safety of every resident of our investments. It also allows you to save up to 28% per year on media consumption.

Investments with an anti-smog package

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