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Wspieramy narciarza Andrzeja Bargiela

Sponsor world sports successes

In 2019 we began cooperation with an award-winning Polish mountain skier Andrzej Bargiel, who was the first person in the world to ski down the slopes of K2. The athlete became an ambassador of Murapol Group. We’re glad and honoured to be able to support him in his sports endeavours, including the latest Karakoram Ski Expedition, which proved a great success. Within merely ten days, Andrzej Bargiel climbed the virgin peak of Yawash Sar II (6,178 metres above sea level) and Laila Peak (6,096 metres above sea level). He skied down off both of them.

Wspieramy Widzew Łódź

Support football clubs

Since 2018, we have been playing with the most successful Polish club - Widzew Łódź. We are the official sponsor of the first team, and we have also helped in the development of young talents, by supporting the youth teams of the Widzew Academy. We believe that thanks to this, the Łódź club will raise the next generation of talented footballers who will keep celebrating further successes in the colours of Widzew. Historically, we used to play with TS Podbeskidzie for several years, and we also supported Wisła Kraków by financing a pre-season training camp for the White Star players in Turkey.

Wspieramy turnieje piłkarskie dla młodzieży

Organize a huge youth tournament

Since 2010, thanks to cooperation with the Football Academy 21, we have been co-organizing an international football tournament in Krakow for the most talented players from junior sports sections - Murapol Cup. The event has gained the rank of one of the biggest events for youth teams in Europe. It was attended, among others, by Manchester United, Juventus Turin, Valencia, Manchester City, Celtic Glasgow or Dynamo Zagreb.

Sponsorujemy drużynę rugby Orkan Sochaczew

Help popularise rugby

As the official sponsor, we also support one of the oldest extra-league rugby teams in Poland, Orkan Sochaczew. This way, we have contributed to the development and popularization of one of the most spectacular sports disciplines in the world. Historically, as Murapol Group, we have also been the main sponsor of the senior teams of the Polish women's and men's rugby teams.

Wspieramy drużynę hokejową

Help hockey talents bloom

The idea of promoting sport in its various aspects has always been close to our hearts, that is why we endorse ice hockey, by engaging in development of Infinitas Hockey Club of KTH in Krynica Zdrój. We support young players as a part of cooperation in the sports and educational project called the Hockey Olympic Hopes, the aim of which is to select and substantively support most promising players with a view to participating in the team for 2022 Olympic Games. 

Górskie ścieżki rowerowe Enduro Trails

Create places full of sports emotions

Since the very beginning, we have been involved in the construction of the Enduro Trails Bielsko-Biała mountain bike paths. It is a network of one-way bicycle routes, the so-called singletracks. We supported the creation of fourteen mountain bike routes on Kozia Góra and Szyndzielnia, and our activities continue. Today, the complex is one of the biggest sports tourist attractions in the south of Poland. In May 2019, we also became a strategic partner of the project, which involves the creation of new bicycle routes stretching between Kozia Góra and Szyndzielnia, all the way to Małe Skrzyczne, as well as the organization of the annual Murapol Enduro Trails competition.

Krzewimy aktywność fizyczną

Promote physical activity

Not only are we involved in professional sport, but also as an official partner of the Representation of Polish Artists, we’ve been popularizing charity activities and promoting physical activity among children, teenagers and adults.

Wspieramy akcje charytatywne

Participate in charities

As a socially responsible organization, we have been involved in a number of other charity projects, such as Bikes for kids, the campaign of the Arka Ecological Foundation - Rower Pomaga, Szlachetna Paczka, or Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy.

Wspieramy lokalne społeczności

We support local communities

Support initiatives important to the communities in which we implement our real estate projects. We got involved in the "City by bike" project, as a part of which we financed the creation of several bike rentals in Katowice. We supported the organization of the Hipolit and Ludwika Festival, a unique cultural initiative of the Warsaw Association of Residents and Friends of the Wawelberg Colony. We were also a sponsor of the Silesian Europa Nostra gala in Zabrze and the integration festival “Żyjmy godnie na Jagodnie” for the community of the district where we carry out our investments.

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