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Key advantages

Our finishing standard: 

Decorative tiles in fashionable colours
A big mirror
A graphite-coloured main door
Clear and visible staircase numbers
Aesthetic apartment numbers at the door
Functional mailboxes
LED lighting of common areas
Fast and quiet lifts
Siłownia na dachu inwestycji

New ideas for residents

In selected investments we’re offering additional recreational spaces available to all residents. An example of which may be the gyms situated on building roofs. Not only do they promote an active lifestyle, but also integration among the residents of our estates.

Standard wykończenia części wspólnych

Thinking about nature

When arranging the areas of our estates, we pay attention to their pro-ecological character. In selected investments, we design rain gardens that store water from precipitation. Rain gardens work to the advantage of the water management of the estate. They clean and absorb up to 40% more rainwater than lawns. The hydrophyte plants used therein support the biodiversity of the natural environment. In addition, these places are used for recreation, meetings and integration of the residents of our investments.

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