Murapol News 350 residential investment opportunities in 13 cities

350 residential investment opportunities in 13 cities

Do you want to invest your savings attractively? Or maybe you are looking for a small apartment for your own needs? Thinking about both investment clients and those looking for their dream place to live, we have prepared a pool of 350 compact apartments with an area of ​​27 sq m.

Why is a small apartment a great investment opportunity? The purchase of premises with a smaller area means lower finishing costs, and during operation, also administrative and maintenance fees. In turn, by renting such an apartment, you can count on a higher rate of return on investment.

We add a package of bonuses worth up to PLN 167,000 to each apartment from the March promotional pool. The price of the premises includes a discount, up to 2 external or internal parking spaces, a smart home option in the premium version and insurance against the loss of a permanent source of income or stay in the hospital.

The promotion covers apartments in as many as 19 modern investments in Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Gliwice, Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Siewierz, Sosnowiec, Toruń, Tychy, Warsaw, Wieliczka and Wrocław. Some of these premises are ready for collection, which means that the keys can be collected immediately after purchase.

It's worth getting acquainted with the current promotion now, because it only lasts until the end of March.

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