Murapol News Another occupancy permit for Murapol’s Osiedle Natura!

Another occupancy permit for Murapol’s Osiedle Natura!

Building no. 5 of Murapol’s Osiedle Natura received the occupancy permit. It is 53 apartments ready to be handed over to future tenants. The estate is located at Kąty Grodziskie Street, in Warsaw’s Białołeka. As Murapol Group, we have already completed 31 buildings in 8 investments. Over 6,500 people have moved in there.

Location of the investment at Kąty Grodziskie Street provides convenient access to the Toruń Route and the possibility to reach the centre of Warsaw within 25 minutes. The vicinity of the Słupecka Forest lets one easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The buildings of Murapol’s Osiedle Natura have been equipped in HMS systems, allowing the use of smart-home technologies. Standard apartments are also equipped with anti-smog packages, providing clean air and protection against pollens, dust, allergens and insects. On our current offer are the last available apartments with occupancy permits. In two further objects, under construction within the investment, we’re offering the selection of usable areas of 25-60 square metres.

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