Murapol News Summary of Murapol Group's operations for 2022

Summary of Murapol Group's operations for 2022

We are pleased to share our results for the past year - the chosen product and business strategy bore fruit in the form of repeating the operating result of apartment sales to retail customers from the much more favorable, in terms of market conditions, year 2021. The main pillars of our success in such a challenging time are 22 years of experience and aptly chosen long-term goals.

In 2022, we sold 2,783 units to retail customers and 664 units in the design&build formula to PRS. We handed over the keys to 3,341 residential units, including 2,653 for retail customers and 688 for PRS. We added 2,631 residential units to our portfolio. The Murapol Group's portfolio of projects under construction at the end of 2022 included 6,212 units in 62 buildings under construction in 19 projects in 10 Polish cities, including 1,699 units for the PRS/BPSA segment. As of December 31, we had an active land bank for the construction of nearly 19,300 units.

In the beginning of the year, we plan to put more apartments at the disposal of customers, both in new projects and in the next stages of projects already underway.

Detailed information on our performance is available here.

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