Murapol News We summarize our business performance for 2023

We summarize our business performance for 2023

Our operations in the past year were based on solid business pillars - strong and stable sales to retail customers, sustainable handovers and a wide range of residential offerings in 15 cities.

Total net sales to retail customers and to the PRS segment, realized in 2023, amounted to 3,724 units. During this period, we handed over the keys to 2,801 apartments to retail customers. From January to September 2023, we launched 3,770 units in 13 cities, both in new real estate projects and further phases of ongoing developments. As of December 31, 2023, our portfolio of projects under construction included 6,238 units under construction in 23 projects in 14 Polish cities. At the end of December last year, we had an active land bank for the construction of more than 21,000 apartments in 17 cities.

During nearly 23 years of operation (until December 31, 2023), we have completed 83 multi-phase projects, with 424 buildings comprising a total of nearly 28,500 units with a total floor area of more than 1.26 million square meters.

Detailed information on the results of our activities is available here.

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