Murapol News Even larger offer of flats in Gliwice, Łódź, Poznań and Siewierz

Even larger offer of flats in Gliwice, Łódź, Poznań and Siewierz

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our offer by as many as 782 modern and compact flats included in five attractively located investments in four cities.

We are introducing two new investments to our portfolio - Murapol Osiedle Szafirove on Szafirowa Street in Gliwice and Murapol Osiedle Filo on Wołowa Street in Łódź. The expanded offer of flats also includes further stages of Murapol Osiedle Verde on Wagrowska Street and Murapol Zielony Żurawiniec on Sielawa Street in Poznań, as well as Murapol Siewierz Jeziorna on Jeziorna Street in Siewierz.

Murapol Osiedle Szafirove is a modern development designed on a nature-rich site in Stare Gliwice. In the centre of the estate is a natural pond, which will be transformed into a recreation area with a playground to foster neighbourly relationships. Two 4- and 5-storey buildings with a total of 188 flats will be constructed in the first phase.

Murapol Osiedle Filo is located in the centre of Łódź, in the vicinity of the Lodz University of Technology campus and only a quarter of an hour's walk from Piotrkowska Street. Only 500 metres separate the future residents from Poniatowski Park. The estate is also surrounded by the Sukcesja Shopping Centre and Pasaż Łódzki. The first stage of the project involves the construction of 143 flats in an 8-storey building.

Murapol Osiedle Verde is being developed at the junction of three Poznań districts - Starołęka, Rataje and Żegrze, as well as on the east bank of the Warta River near Dębiński Forest. The Old Market Square can be reached in just 15 minutes by car, which is also facilitated by a tram line operating 200 metres from the estate. A second 8-storey building with 198 flats is being introduced in the new phase of the project.

Murapol Zielony Żurawiniec is located almost in the northern green wedge zone of Poznań. Nearby are extensive meadows on the Warta River, which attract strollers from all over the area. Only a 10-minute walk separates residents from the new tram line to Naramowice, which allows you to reach the city centre in a quarter of an hour. The new offer comprises 140 flats in two 4-storey buildings.

Murapol Siewierz Jeziorna is a well-known project we are developing in Poland's first sustainable neighbourhood, 5 minutes from the centre of Siewierz. This modernly designed housing estate lies on the Przeczycko-Siewierz lagoon, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. At the same time, the centre of Katowice can be reached in just 20 minutes by car. As part of the new phase, we are introducing 115 units in four 3-storey buildings.

As standard, the flats offer an anti-smog package to protect the interiors from pollution, allergens or insects. The Home Management System, on the other hand, will allow residents to use smart home devices, including controlling heating, lighting, water valves or internal blinds. We have also provided charging stations for electric vehicles on the estates for enthusiasts of ecology and low-emission means of transport.

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