Murapol News Murapol Portovo - your haven for years in the center of Gdańsk

Murapol Portovo - your haven for years in the center of Gdańsk

We are introducing a new investment in Gdańsk for pre-sale! Murapol Portovo was designed in a quiet outskirts of Gdańsk's Śródmieście district, in the area of ​​Sienna Grobla, at the junction of the Motława River and the Martwa Wisła flowing into the sea. The location allows you to both efficiently reach the beach in Stogi and the historic Main Town with the famous Neptune fountain at the forefront.

Inspired by the local fauna and flora, we have created a waterfront design in harmony with the natural environment, filled with greenery, walking alleys and elements of small architecture that allow you to commune with nature on a daily basis. The facades of the buildings have their own individual and distinctive character, referring to the colors of the surroundings.

As part of the project, a total of 580 investment apartments will be built in two 4-story buildings with above-ground parking spaces. The apartments will provide the highest comfort to tenants due to compact 1-, 2-, 3-room layouts, up to three balconies in one apartment and spacious terraces with green gardens with an area of ​​up to 96 sqm.

The Home Management System implemented in buildings enables tenants to use smart home devices. Both the mobile application and the hotel function can be used to control heating, lighting and water valves in the apartments. LED lighting in common areas and photovoltaic panels on the roofs will also reduce the cost of maintaining the buildings.

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