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A retreat in the city centre


A retreat in the city centre

Murapol Mateczniq consists of over 200 compact apartments designed right near the soothing sound of waters of the Wilga River in Stare Podgórze. Right outside the window you can see the picturesque landscape of the city, the flowing river and Bagry Ludwinowskie hidden among the greenery. The investment is located near the former health resort of Antoni Mateczny, whose heritage has survived to this day in the form of the Krakow Spa Pump Room and the beautiful Spa Park.
As part of the investment, four buildings with underground garage halls will be built. Green roofs will be provided at the top of the buildings, including a public garden on one of the buildings, from which there will be a captivating view of the entire area.

The offer includes various layouts, from one to even four-room apartments, intended for singles, families with children and seniors looking for an enclave in the centre of Cracow. The choice of Murapol Mateczniq is also a unique investment opportunity for people looking for a safe haven for their savings. The attractive location combined with the parameters of the apartment offer give a chance for an interesting rate of return on renting the premises.

Murapol Mateczniq – a green enclave with a rooftop garden

  • The Home Management System allows residents to use smart home devices, both via a mobile application and hotel function buttons. The functionality of the system includes controlling lighting, temperature and water valves.
  • The flats are equipped with anti-smog filters ensuring a constant supply of clean air, free of pollutants, allergens and even insects.
  • Common areas in the buildings use LED lighting, thanks to which the housing association will save on electricity bills.
  • All apartments on the upper floors have spacious balconies with transparent glass or steel balustrades. Constructing the balconies with the use of Isokorb technology, prevents the loss of the indoor heat and lets one reduce the costs of heating.
  • The apartments on the ground floor have additional space in the form of green gardens and patios paved with stones with a total area of up to 124 square metres.
  • A charging station for electric vehicles and bicycle racks for two-wheelers have been designed for people who drive or ride in an environmentally friendly way.
  • On one of the buildings, a public garden has been designed for the residents of the investment with a beautiful view of the surrounding nature.

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Everything within reach

Entertainment and recreation
  • The investment is perfectly located, as it is only 800 meters from the Antoni Mateczny roundabout and the Rzemieślnicza stop, where a number of tram and bus lines depart in all directions of the city.
  • The vicinity of the Mateczny roundabout also allows for efficient communication by car both to the city centre via Konopnicka Street, to the south via Zakopianka Route or towards Bonarka (to the east) via Kamieńskiego Street.
  • Even closer than to the Mateczny roundabout, because only 500 meters separate the investment from Kapelanka Street and tram and bus stops located there.
  • It takes only 5 minutes by car to reach Wawel (10 minutes by public transport).
  • The nearest railway station is the Kraków Bonarka stop within a 20-minute walk.
  • In the vicinity of the investment, there are two urban green areas – Wilga River Park and Zdrojowy Mateczny Park - unique places for walking.
  • The Krakowska Pijalnia Zdrojowa, operating right next to the Mateczny roundabout, provides access to healing mineral water springs.
  • 1 km from the investment there is a recreation and sports centre with a trampoline park and a space for playing squash. There is also a climbing centre nearby.
  • Near the investment there is a football club Garbarnia Kraków with a number of sports fields.
  • You can reach the Vistula boulevards in just 20 minutes and enjoy the cycle and walking routes right by the river.
  • In a few minutes by car (20 minutes on foot), you will be able to reach the ICE convention centre, which regularly hosts international trade fairs and conferences.
  • KTO Theatre is located 1.5 km away.
  • 850 meters separate the investment from the outdoor zone with food trucks, a playground and entertainment and leisure space.
  • The charming green areas of Krzemionki Podgórskie, the Lasota Hills, including the Krakus Mound are located 3 km from the investment.
  • The historic and beautiful Rynek Podgórski is located 2 km from the investment.
  • Florian Nowacki Planty can be reached within a 20-minute walk.
  • The observation wheel, the observation balloon, the restaurant on the water and Forum Przestrzenie at the Forum Hotel are located within 19 minutes on foot from the investment.
  • The indoor swimming pool, gym and wellness area - Lemon Fitness - is only 1.5 km away.
  • The iMAX system cinema operates right next to Zakopianka - 7 minutes by car from the investment.
  • Just 10 minutes on foot (3 minutes by car) from the investment there is Pasaż Kapelanka with a Kaufland supermarket (former Tesco), restaurants, cafes and service outlets.
  • Within 200-300 meters there are two neighbourhood grocery stores.
  • The largest shopping centre in Cracow, i.e. Bonarka City Center, is 5 minutes away by car.
  • Nearby, at the Łagiewniki bus terminal, there is a Lidl supermarket, which can be reached in 4 minutes by car.
  • Galeria Kazimierz is 3.2 km away from the investment (8 minutes by car).
  • The Zakopianka shopping park can be reached in 10 minutes by car.
  • There are four educational institutions, that is nurseries and kindergartens within 700 meters.
  • 2 km separates the residents of the investment from several primary schools, both traditional and special or private.
  • The nearest high school is located a quarter of an hour from the investment.
  • The 600th Anniversary Campus of the Jagiellonian University can be reached in 20 minutes by public transport.
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Green areas
Benefit packages

Enjoy the eco package and save money!

Thinking of the residents, out of concern for their safety and comfort, but also keeping the environment in mind, we have equiped the investment with the ECO package. This is a series of innovative solutions and modern technologies, which allow you to easily remotely and manually manage fields such as energy, water and heating. The real benefit of the solutions used is savings on bills of up to 29% per year.

Eco Package

We promote ecological solutions in residential housing construction. That is why, in the estate we’re going to instal, among the others, an electric vehicle charging station, LED lighting in common areas or bicycle stands.

Smart Home

Make your apartment smart! Manage the media remotely or by means of a manual button, the so-called hotel function. Save on electricity consumption.

Anti-smog Pack

Advanced filtering system protects the inside of the apartment against pollution, or even allergens or insects. Benefit from intuitive controls and user-friendly cleaning.

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Bank Partner Murapol

Take advantage of the simplified loaning procedures, by using our network of affiliated banks

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Notus Finanse Experts

We’ve been collaborating with the best experts. Our clients may take advantage of free-of-charge counselling provided by qualified loan advisors.

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