Murapol News We have completed our investment in Wrocław's Jagodno district!

We have completed our investment in Wrocław's Jagodno district!

We are pleased to announce that the third and final building of the Murapol Słoneczne Jagodno investment on Drabika Street in Wrocław has obtained occupancy permit. This marks the completion of the investment and the handover of 160 modern residential units to buyers any moment now. We have completed a total of more than 300 compact apartments as part of the project!

Murapol Słoneczne Jagodno is a meticulously designed housing estate located in a recreational area abundant with greenery in the south of Wroclaw. The investment's location provides easy access to the city center thanks to the nearby provincial road and public and rail transportation. The area is also home to numerous attractions, such as the Aquapark Brochów and the Park Brochowski with its magical Labyrinth.

The apartments are equipped as standard with an anti-smog package, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air, and the possibility to use smart home devices. Also worth noting is the attention to the high quality of the common areas composed of durable stoneware, high-quality mosaic plaster, laminated furniture panels or aesthetically pleasing mailboxes and large mirrors in the entrance halls.

The offer of Murapol Słoneczne Jagodno is spreading rapidly. The last ready-to-buy apartments remain on sale, which means the keys can be obtained immediately after purchase.

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